Most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

"Why are
the perfume prices SUPER LOW?”
“They must be the defects or imitations… right?”

This is a very common question I received from almost everyone, every time I pick up the phone or opening my emails. However, it is reasonable to ask this question for a few reasons:
  • FM Group products are new to our country & still penetrating the Malaysia’s perfume market.
  • Competition from the existing market in Malaysia for Rejected Perfumes. Although these perfumes are originally ORIGINAL and being sold for low prices, FM Perfumes (which are being sold in sealed boxes!) are still selling with even LOWER THAN THEIR PRICES!! (which is why selling the FM Perfumes is such a good biz).
  • There’s NO such thing as cheap perfume, unless they’re rejected / imitations / fake / defects.” This mindset is the barrier to accept that there is finally a breakthrough and ‘Cheap Perfumes’ now truly defines “real cheap & affordable”.
Therefore, some people are still quite skeptical when it comes to buying, using or even selling the FM products.

  1. DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURERS. FM products are taken directly from the manufacturers (Europe) at
  2. NO ADVERTISEMENT. FM world does NOT advertise. They DON’T use famous people endorsement / fancy bottles / expensive advertisements & store rentals.
  3. NO DISTRIBUTION COST. They're selling their perfumes only by independent distributors just like me from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Therefore, FM saves a LOT of costs on the distribution cost, and that’s why they’re able to sell the ORIGINAL BRANDED PERFUMES at amazingly LOW PRICES!

Here's the simple illustration to show the whole thing :

You can

FM Group perfumes are all

100% genuine original Designer perfumes.
• absolutely not IMITATIONS / REJECTS / DEFECTS / FAKE like the other
perfumes described as ‘cheap perfumes’ on the internet.
• the exact same ones as the ones at perfume store, long-lasting smells, come complete with their
bottle caps, all come in sealed boxes.

Now, here's a question for us to give a thought :
"Why would you buy the imitations / rejects / defects / fake perfumes, when you can get the original PERFECT perfumes for much cheaper?"

Hope these info would help clear the things in your mind :)

Best regards,

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