FM Group - Fragrances for Life!

FM Group fragrances are created by Drom, one of the largest and most respected perfumery companies in the world today, with teams of international perfumers in Paris, Munich, New York and Sydney. A company with over 100 years of tradition and expertise and at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and modern trends.

With 200 fragrances to choose from FM Group really does have something for everyone. They also have luxury Shower Gels, antibacterial Deo Roll-Ons and Body Sprays in many of our most popular fragrances.

FM Group's Parfums contain 20% perfume oil and our Gentlemen's Eau de Parfum have 16%. Compare this to the weaker Eau de Toilette at 6% which people often purchase elsewhere and it means FM GROUP fragrances are designed to last as long as other quality designer brands.

However, because of the way the products are sold, via Independent Distributors like myself, FM GROUP are able to keep prices amazingly as low as up to 70% less than the retail! Customers are very happy with our prices and keep coming back again, again and again, which is great news for distributors too!
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