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Introduction to FM Group

FM GROUP was founded by Artur Trawinski and was formed in Poland in 2004. It quickly gained universal approval in the world perfume market, becoming well respected by its suppliers, distributors, and customers as an honest and reliable company. Over the past four years it has extended its product range, now offering a choice of over 100 different fragrances, together with other high quality perfumed products. Rapid international expansion has seen FM GROUP offices open in almost 40 countries worldwide, with more branches set to open in the near future. FM GROUP products are of the highest quality and are made in Europe with fragrance essences supplied by DROM Fragrances International, supplier of the world’s most famous designer brands.

Yes that’s right,

FM products source and use the same ingredients as the expensive designer brands but as we do not use Supermodels and expensive advertising campaigns in glossy magazines, or expensive department stores to sell our products, we are able to bring you exceptional perfumes at affordable prices!

FM GROUP's global success is due to three main factors. We offer top quality perfumed products to our customers at a price which guarantees value for money. Our products are distributed through a network of highly trained independent consultants. From the very start we have worked closely with two highly regarded fragrance developers and producers – PERFAND and DROM Fragrances.

Designer perfume companies generally offer us either an Eau de parfum or most commonly Eau de toilettes in department and specialty stores. These are generally in concentrations of 7-16% for Eau de parfum and 1-6% for Eau de toilettes, the rest being made up of alcohol. Not the FM Group! FM fragrances offer stronger concentrations ;

  • Ladies fragrances are parfums with 20% concentration

  • Men’s fragrances are Eau de parfum with 16% concentration (the difference in concentration for men’s range is due a difference in the amount of oil produced in men’s skin)

A higher concentration of pure essence means that FM fragrances last longer on your skin.

Now it is your time to choose your favourite scent from the FM range of perfumes, aftershaves and bath gels and experience the quality for yourself.

Once you have experienced the superior scent and quality of our products you can become a member of the FM Group to gain the right to excellent wholesale prices.

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